Tuesday, December 17, 2019

SLES 12 SP5 released

SLES 12 SP5 is out! See this section in the release notes for a detailed look at IBM Z-specific changes in support of KVM.
Otherwise, the update ships the following code levels:
  • Linux kernel 4.12 (SP4: 4.12, unchanged),
  • QEMU v3.1 (SP4: v2.11), and
  • libvirt v5.1 (SP4: v4.0).
See previous blog entries on QEMU v2.12 and v3.0, and libvirt v4.7 and v4.10 for further details on new features that become available by the respective package updates.
Also take note of this article, which adds further details on IBM z15 support.

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