Documentation References

The amount of documentation provided in IBM Documentation can at times be overwhelming. Therefore, this page will provide some general guidance.

The entry point for documentation for KVM on Z is available here, and relates to the latest upstream version of the respective components (mainly the kvm Linux kernel module, QEMU and libvirt). In particular, check out the KVM Virtual Server Management book.
If you are already familiar with KVM, or want to jump right in, check the KVM Virtual Server Quick Start guide: This is a cheat sheet-like 4 page document designed to get you started as quickly as possible.
For white papers, Redbooks, live virtual classes, and more, check out the materials related to virtualization on z Systems available here.

  • Here is a document listing the recommended limits when running KVM on z Systems. It was aimed at the KVM for IBM z product, but also provides a good starting point when running other flavors of KVM on Z.
  • The Performance Hot Topics page has further materials on various topics, including KVM.

  • Configuring Crypto Express Adapters for KVM Guests can be found here.
  • Finally, documentation and pointers on ICM (IBM Cloud Manager, IBM's OpenStack-based product) can be found here.

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