Friday, March 17, 2023

KVM Upstream Roundup 2022

The KVM on Z community has been quite busy in 2022, delivering a number of features. Here is a look back at a selection of significant new features in recent months:
  • Support for IBM z16 and LinuxONE Emperor 4
    • Allows guest exploitation of new hardware features and live migration for the latest machine generation.
    • Requires QEMU 6.1 and Linux kernel 5.14 or later.
  • Support of long kernel command lines
    • Kernel command lines up to 64 KB length, e.g. allows to specify plenty of I/O devices.
    • Requires QEMU 7.0, s390-tools 2.20 or later.
  • Remote attestation for Secure Execution
    • Cryptographic evidence of workload authenticity and integrity facilitates integration into common Confidential Computing frameworks.
    • Requires QEMU 7.1 and Linux kernel 5.19 or later.
  • Encrypted dump for Secure Execution
    • Enhances problem determination capabilities while not compromising the security of secure KVM guests.
    • Requires QEMU 7.1, Linux 5.19, and s390-tools 2.22 or later.
  • Persistent configuration for vfio-ap 
    • The s390-tools command zdev can now be used to persist Crypto passthrough configurations.
    • Requires s390-tools 2.22 or later.
  • Interpretive vfio-pci support for ISM
    • Allows pass-through of ISM devices to KVM guests, enabling high-bandwith and low-latency network communication using SMC-D.
    • Requires QEMU 7.2 and Linux kernel 6.2 or later.

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